Saturday, August 8, 2015

Let's talk about hats.....

Do you dream of having gorgeous mermaid hair? Flowing, luxurious balayage hair? Me fucking too! Yet, I was blessed with fine, but too much hair. Leaving me with this semi straight/wavy hair(not cute wavy). My hair is the wavy/frizzy hair that you wake up with in the morning. Sooooooo this leads me to the title of this post, have you thought about hats? They literally are the lazy girls best friend when you just don't feel like putting that effort into your mane. Now, you're probably thinking hats look horrible on me! Well let me tell you, that's what I always thought! But to be fair I was really only trying on baseball caps! Big mistake. Fedora's, floppy hats, wide brim hats; they all look fantastic on just about anyone! And best part, you don't have to do your damn hair! If your hair is totally unmanageable, add a little Paul Mitchell skinny serum to the ends to make your hair shine. Straighten the ends and you are set. Seriously, I'm all about ease. Hats are a part of my weekend wardrobe. I only wish I could wear them at work!

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